Customer Service Software Made Simple

SimpleFSM is the most user friendly field service management software that was created by a business owner for better performance of your company. This software fits your entire office within your pocket. There is no more losing track of your customers, scheduling headache, or missed payments. Running your business smoothly can now be done easily from Anywhere and any time. And... There is no 30 day limit, single operator can use it as long as needed... For free!!
Main Features of SimpleFSM
Scheduling simplicity
An intuitive and revolutionary way to schedule appointments. Using a unique three screen system, setting up an appointment is now a breeze.
Customer's timeline
Any interaction with the customer or any event is now reflected on customer’s timeline. Following up after a project estimation has never been this easy. This provides significant efficiency for your business.
GPS tracking ability
There is no need to install expensive and sophisticated tracking devices on your vehicles and no more disturbing your technicians by calling them and asking how close they are to their next stop. You can now see your technicians on the map and approximate their arrival time.
Automatic appointment reminders
No need to waste time by calling every customer with reminders of their scheduled service. Application automatically creates a calendar event for your customer according to your preferred settings.
Shared calendar for all members
SimpleFSM developers redefined the way of using a calendar. Any member of your home service business can request a day or time off, which will be shown on the calendar if accepted by the management. Vacations and national holidays are also marked within the calendar, so there is no room for confusion or mistake in the schedule.
Visual routing is easy
Years of learning your servicing area is no longer needed. Choose the day that is preferred by your customer on the first screen and then see it how it fits your schedule with one swipe to the second screen. When required criterias are met, simply swipe to the third screen and specify the time. It is so easy, you should just try it.
Simplicity is the key to efficiency
Appointment can be scheduled within seconds of the first call. Customer’s profile is created automatically and confirmation can be sent right away. Additional field to reflect customer’s availability at the day of the service adds flexibility for adjustments. Analog clock layout can also have twenty four hour view to fit your needs. Home service business has never been so easy to operate.
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